Wednesday, 30 May 2012

QR for PR

Companies and brands ranging from Coca-Cola to Samsung have been building QR code marketing campaigns

Negotiation amongst multiple parties is a pervasive aspect of social interaction.

As negotiations are increasingly conducted over computer networks, we examine its theoretical foundation, and propose its design and implementation.

Developing robust models for favourability analysis

This article presents results on three datasets generated by a media-analysis company, classifying documents in two ways: detecting the presence of favourability, and assessing negative vs. positive favourability.

PR or Marketing

This article seeks to renegotiate traditional turf wars between the two fields through a review of recent significant marketing books.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Newest Viddyographer took a break from a very busy schedule

 Britney Spears  is at viddy

Social Media Strategy Plan includes video

increased visibility for your business, brand or product

Companies Integrate CSR Initiatives into Everyday Business

"For companies to take CSR seriously, it has to be integrated into the DNA of the enterprise.

Social video - the next big thing

SocialCam and Viddy are exploding in popularity as the next "Instagram for video"

Omincom pay for sins of omission

Adam & Eve is preparing to move into Omnicom Group's London office to add some digital weight to the traditionalists. 

Automated society

Vitrue allows brands to maintain a presence and run social marketing campaigns and activities on social properties such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

Air Graffiti by AT&T

will enable users to leave location-based messages for one another in a street-view map.

Hitachi Data Systems' B2B sales leads through social media

A conservative, business-to-business brand that sells to C-level executives

Is this ethical research?

We simply source and analyse snippets of people’s conversation on social media about a particular brand or topic.

60 percent of UK smartphone owners

 use their device to access social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook? And they hate ads.

Coca-Cola is partnering with “A-listers”

for celebrity-designed themes at Tumblr

Global CEOs Want More Social

IBM’s newest CEO study reports that CEOs see social media growing to 57% of their important customer interactions from 16%

Learning to scale is our biggest challenge in social media

Do Big Co shining examples really relate to you? My answer is a resounding “yes.”

The crash will come

As Facebook gluts an already glutted market, the fallacy of the Web as a profitable ad medium can no longer be overlooked.

Scoring systems like Klout, Kred and Appinions are all onto something, but they aren’t yet there.

They don’t yet measure effectiveness, reach or impressions

PR needs ROI data as well

There is now proof that online advertising drives sales - Online Ad Campaigns Nearly Triples ROI

PR's need good numbers - IBM

Four in 5 business leaders see information as the source of competitive advantage

SEO needs Social Engagement Of course (SEOc)

Without participation in social media your SEO and search effort is working at 50%

History of Public Relations

  • The dates for IHPRC 2013 have been announced. It will be June 26 and 27 th

Monday, 28 May 2012

“Islamic Public Relations” will deal with the world of Islam issues from public relations perspective

Plus Muslim PR practitioners’ expectation in different regional and international areas.

Games, according to Kyle, enrich our moral life.

 The future of fun

How spin works

Most people choose Plan A. But they tend to change their mind when exactly the same plans are rephrased  - New Scientist

An ability to argue convincingly not count beans

Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber believe that human reasoning evolved to help us to argue.  New Scientist

Google Scholar completely redesigned

Some features have changed, some removed or are hard to find. Subject Areas Search Feature dropped

Personal dependency on the internet

 It has already become a challenge for even sensitive installations, let alone households, to remain offline.

Why It’s so Hard to Unplug From the Digital World | Psychology Today

Coming to a mobile device near you?

Web War II: What a future cyberwar will look like

State sponsored cyber attack

A complex cyber-attack  has been uncovered

Crisis Management and the Use of Social Media

Social Media is a major part of our society and an effective way of communicating, especially during times of crisis.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Social is important for SEO

Without participation in social media your SEO and search effort is working at 50%.

Soccer media

The English Premier League, the world’s most popular sports organization, saw explosive growth off the pitch in social media.

Friday, 18 May 2012

How People Spend Their Time Online

We Are Social

When these crisis risks emerge online

Managers often confuse them with crises. The challenges created by publicly managing crisis prevention

Its possible to teach PR online

Using Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behavior to a study of online course adoption in public relations education

The most effective use of digital to strengthen corporate brand

Shell and Unilever are the major UK firms making the most effective use according to a study.

The first “crowd-sourced” credit card

Barclaycard Turns to Crowd-sourcing to Build a Better Credit Card

Social Media Guide to the Olympics Part

But, but, most of us are aware of by now, there is a suite of fiendish legislation surrounding use of anything to do with the London Olympics

Twitter verified accounts are used to denote the authenticity of certain pages

 Twitter verification implications for  PR people

Lose Your Facebook Page!

So many business owners heading down a path to disaster. They're getting the wrong advice

Forrester see sea change

"How quickly the role of interactive marketers has changed", writes Emily Riley Vice President and Research Director. 

Interactive marketers are moving from channel-based execution to technology-driven multichannel engagement. And as all marketing goes digital, interactive marketing is no longer thought of as a sidebar to "real" marketing, but is now front and center in the race to keep up with the always addressable customer. We found that across industry, region, and discipline:

• Interactive marketing is considered an innovation center for the rest of marketing.

• Interactive marketing is the change agent for the digitization of marketing.

• The interactive marketer is working to improve digital maturity across the organization.

The interactive marketer is really a PR person in disguise but not nurtured by the PR industry and institutions.

Warren Buffett now one of the largest publishers in the United States

Warren Buffett to buy the majority of Media General papers for $142 million

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Beware the Facebook hype

Mark Rogers suggests the valuation is based on it already having done yet to be revealed amazing things

Lipstick and a tedious debate

PR and corporate affairs a “pink ghetto” read the headline and we all have to put up with a re-run of the Bore War

Does Social Media Help or Hurt Crisis PR Management

Some have said that social media has contaminated the PR field, muddying the waters between marketing, PR, corporate communications and more. Now, the CEO, is not the only voice in the marketplace anymore. Does Social Media Help or Hurt Crisis PR Management?

I would love to interview Julius Caesar

Kevin Murray: An interview by Bob Morris - The Employee Engagement Network

How heritage can drive PR for brands

Heritage is big business – contributing over £1 billion to the UK economy. Does it work for your company too?

Grunig PR Masterclass: Insight into diversity and excellence

Larissa Grunig  video.

Campbell Soup stirs in a Director, Digital Marketing and Social

Adam Kmiec Director gets the job

Wikipedia town initiative - a potential boon for local communities.

Monmouth is on the world map with access to almost half a billion people. 

Can Social Media Help Solve Crimes?

Crowdsourced Investigations looks to connect people to the locations, dates, times and photos .

Cabinet Office launches social media guidance for civil servants

The Cabinet Office has published guidance for civil servants on the use of social media as well as tips for government Departments on how.

Social Media Sucks for Businesses and Here's Why

Here is a warning. Social media sucks and here's a few reasons why.

Why People Post their Innermost Thoughts on Social Media

A hot topic in academic circles for a while. 

Internet users per head of population

A selective view and why PR people in the UK need to be creative and innovative.

Internet deserters

People are abandoning the internet in Portugal.  Reasons include lack of interest or utility, knowledge access to a computer and price of access. 3.9 percent of the population has used the Internet but eventually gave up.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Breaking News - the World's First Wikipedia Town

Monmouthpedia is the first Wikipedia project to cover a whole town - specifically, the Welsh town of Monmouth

This is a great civic PR story. The signage up in the town is up and ready for the news to break

Congratulations Monmouth and the man behind the initiative, Steve Virgin

Monday, 14 May 2012

Views on YouTube have dropped 28%

This is a good thing for YouTube

An adman's understanding

"Twitter is likely to last longer and become more valuable than Facebook". Rory Sutherland's linear idea of change

I am sorry Jane, I don't buy it.

"Our profession moves quickly, adapts to change and values experience, whether it is gained through years of dedicated practice, through academic achievement or through rapid career progression. In an industry where,
with the right mindset, excellence can be achieved at any stage in a career and where innovation and creativity are the norm, criteria for membership based on long service alone are no longer relevant."
Jane Wilson, MCIPR, CIPR Chief Executive Officer

The Institute took a decade to begin to present the more recent forms of communication as critical to the profession. It now faces the newer challenges of a socially embedded internet. It has to be a leader and opinion former and it has some muscles it can flex with supporting institutions (most being equally blinded by the thrill of using and and preaching social media razzle over substance).

Are the courses presented to the UK profession by the Institute and those accredited educational institutions recognised by the 'professional' institution at least as good as the best of the nine million SlideShare presentations and at least as informed as the best full articles in Wikipedia (340,000 of them

Beyond Hammersmith, the numbers of people involved in finding and synthesising information and disseminate it to relevant constituents to inform their decision making and actions is huge. Few are swept off their feet at the prospect of being members of the Institute. Not being of those closer to the centre of power, I cannot judge the  extent to which the Institute is embedded in these activities in the capital, namely those who advise governments, professions, institutions as well as public, private and the communications mediators.

Moving quickly, adapting to change and valuing experience is helpful. Innovation and creativity as the norm is exciting. Being able to do simple things like interrogate sources of information to be able to guide publics and those outwith the issues of the day, by comparison, seems boring. It is, never-the-less, the essence of Public Relations.

Communications management ... including digital?

The State of Profession Bledcom this July

Is this filled with more knowledge than Wikipedia

SlideShare users have uploaded more than 9 million presentations.

64 Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tactics

- somehow you have to make time to read this

The love of your life could be damaging

 Email causes constant, fast heart rates - not good for you.

The future of TV is more than social

 it's a multi-screen experience that needs design

In Reputation We Trust – CEO Spotlight,

Weber Shandwick  research, The Company behind the Brand:

80 of Embassies

now on Twitter: #digitaldiplomacy an essential tool in foreign policy — William Hague (@WilliamJHague

If there is anyone in PR out there - believe this and get involved

Network Analytics: Turn Big Data into Big Opportunity

Best times to post to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr

-Health warning- do your own research for YOUR users

Are Those Little Sharing Buttons the Future of Online Advertising

Or are they the end of sharing as we know it?

Bing adds social search

It's called Sidebar

Wikipedia and Public Relations

Neville Hobson and Philip Sheldrake presentation and discussion at Wikimedia UK annual conference 2012.

Research confirms disillusioned consumers focusing less on company information

These consumers respond more favourably to third party endorsers

Events such as the Olympics

believed to help brand national and government images of the host country. - Public Relations Review

Thursday, 3 May 2012

OK PR people, here is how to do LinkedIn advertising

Targeting methods to reach your audience via LinkedIn

Public relations is not the same as media relations

Simple, still needs saying. In my day, we did have public meetings and mass meetings, leafletting and much more but the point is made

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

This is a primer about social media monitoring

not rocket science, just the basics

Cadbury+ case study

Google+ has seen growth in brand page followers. But Cadbury, in particular, has built a considerable following