Monday, 30 April 2012

If you don't measure it - You're British

only one in ten of UK businesses are measuring social media effect

Pinterest case studies

some surprising companies are making the site’s visual features work for them.

Ad agencies under attack

PR firms and social media agencies are gunning for their clients' ad budgets.

Games are now on as PR channel

Social game ads are now the hip newcomer for Madison Avenue. McDonald's Corp and Unilever already in play

McKinsey Quarterly - how senior leaders can harness social media

an article de-mystifying this business phenomenon

Twitter and other social media sites predict

 - how much money a film will make on opening

Know about Badoo

Not least because it’s the world’s fourth-largest social network, its growing fast and has 147 million users in 180 countries.

LinkedIn for business success

LinkedIn 4x Better for B2B Leads than Facebook or Twitter

1200 critical days

Introducing 4G would inject £5.5 billion of private investment into the UK economy

4G m-internet could add £75bn to UK economy

The rollout of 4G mobile networks could add up to £75 billion to the UK’s GDP by the end of the decade, according to recent research

Criminally negligent government

The part of the economy creating wealth, jobs and overseas revenue, how come the UK has a drop in  broadband speed

Display RIP

display ads are artifacts of an earlier internet era when people went to portals to find content. That era — and its skyscraper and banner ads — has gone

Bubblenomics in the digital space

We are hearing comments about the pricing of  tech developers being at a level that means they are overpriced and hyped up Yes they are. But it is easy to mistake the part that is bubble and the part that is the internet bushing on. In 1999 money deserted the web. A lot of people told us it has had its day. Most of them missed the last ten years of astonishing growth and development. Many are, again, piling in. We just have to grit our teeth and take a long view. There will be a correction and it will burn a few but by no means all and the people in for a long haul will again be big winners.

The Pirate's at Bay.

The High Court ordered five ISP's to block access to the world's largest file-sharing site

Money will be transformed

 and most people don't seem to have noticed this is coming.

Link Building Strategies – The Complete List

Every person in PR needs to read this and practice it. As important as putting company details a press release 

CSR spotlight

Analyse the CEO corporate social responsibility statements of  America's Most Admired Companies.

Exploring the Problems with Wikipedia

The purpose of this article is to provide an explanation of the problems for public relations professionals who wish to edit Wikipedia

Growth in display advertising will die

Because there is no such thing as display advertising on most of the platforms where consumer attention is flowing: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, G+, Name the next one

Failing newprint journalists' condemn PR growth

'Along with financial services, the PR racket is one of the few growing industries in Britain. Beware PR men bearing dictators' gifts says Nick Cohen in The Observer

Online and PR grow

General economic growth not good Digital is great

The new relationship technologies already at work

From these simple relationships and building blocks dynamically build incredibly rich sites and navigation on any platform.

How Much of PR is being automated

As much skilled labour was replaced by machine automation, middle management is being dis-intermediated by the internet. Here's how.

Social media inside social media

Companies create Pinterest-like communities of "Superfans" on branded Facebook Timelines.

Reputation Management at Internet Speed

Neville Hobson slide presentation

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Digital PR boom boom

Interpublic "continues to see the benefits of our digital strategy in which the primary pillar is embedding digital talent at all of our agencies,"

Smartphone Users

Touch, shopping and gaming matter - and photos and search not to mention tweeting

YouTube keeps growing

Facebook Video Visitors Down 8%, Yahoo's Up 8%

Keeping up is hard to do

but here are blogs that offer category-specific RSS feeds.

PR people your content is needed

6 reasons why content is a must for Online Public Relations

U.S. researchers say they've studied one of Twitter's busiest traffic periods

To see how the word spread It was the subject of my blogpost on LeverWealth a year ago: The anatomy of news

Google's gift to the PR profession

Google+ Pages: connect with all the things you care about - all the information and SEO thrown in

Thursday, 26 April 2012

IP Vested interests keep up pressure for digital advantage

Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

PR measurement:

Have a strategy, don't exist in a bubble:

Listening Campaigns

 Are They Dangerous

Students of social media

Moving students to  a more professional use  of social and digital media for public relations can be daunting.

Professional associations have downplayed the role of public relations

 as strategists and organizational counsellors, trivializing what they do.

The concept of image is not to be feared by public relations scholars

 but  as the foundation of how meaning is co-created.

If you want to use redeemable offers in a campaign..

Facebook  now provides this service via mobiles!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Dixon Down

Dixons’ annual sale got off to a bad start this morning when the website went offline due to a “high volume of visitors.”

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

News has always been a loss leader

It's the thing publishers provide to make the real products they used to sell timely, interesting and competitive.

Social media used in the electoral process

and engagement between world leaders and the world

Only way is up

Advertisers still adopting a "growth posture" and investing in boosting revenues.

The new Social Media thinking

Customers prefer to think about AND rather than OR.

Taking aim at fake reviews

They can seriously damage online businesses.

Customer compliants - a PR activity?

 20%  use social media to make complaints, 36% for under 25s

Papers take another beating

Northcliffe Media has dropped by 10 per cent in the six months to March

Towards a million law breakers

Twitter and Facebook posts under strict broadcasting rules for French election

Measurement and planning social segmentation

Four 'digital personalities' to help segment media audiences from IBM

M&S fashionable online

Internet sales jumped nearly 23%

£1.03 billion and FB following doubled

Burberry showed the continued importance of social media. Facebook following topped 12m

Cost Per Exposure could work for PR exposure too

A new way to measure online Ads “Cost Per Exposure”

Cost per click in social media up

The average cost to acquire a “fan” also grew

Mobile is being adopted by everyone across the digital industry

Pay rates up too

Tough? scarce?

Publics are even more interested in scarce items during economically tough times.

Greggs serves up complicated £1m campaign

 including 'smelly bus stops' to promote breakfast and coffee

Olympic Brand Ban

Should Unhealthy Products be Banned from Sponsoring the Olympics?

Good reasons to use Markdown.

 There are no good reasons not to

Essence of social media

Believers are driven by the same characteristics of social media that PR finds to be essential to practice

self and other, private and public, economic and cultural

The mutable identities of women in public relations

The ‘fair process effect’

People tend to behave more cooperatively and prosocially when they perceive fairness

Jo Fawkes points the ethical finger

public relations’ inadequate engagement with ethics created public loss of trust.

Jacquie L'Etang calls for research

an argument for anthropologically and ethnographically grounded work in public relations.

Write a scholarly article

Call for Submissions: Public Relations and Nonprofit Organizations

Working on the career progression

Career of the Corporate Social Strategist

Marketers are "more honest"

 and transparent than journalists - Seth Farbman

Couch potato 'Likes'

Social media symbols on TV programmes actually work.

Huffington Post

Mastered search-engine optimization and was quick to pounce on social media

3 Rules

Does it make economic sense?  Does it work technologically? Does it work psychologically?

Accept the need for cookie consent. It is now the law,

Based in the UK?  ICO enforcing from May 26th

Cool way to learn Facebook Timeline

Useful infographic on the new page elements in Facebook business page timeline design,

Wikipedia intransigent...

of 1,284 public relations professionals, 23 feel that making changes to Wikipedia was near impossible.

Online mirrors TV

Online video and ad insertions have begun to mirror TV viewing

Wikipedia settles for errors about companies

60% of the Wikipedia articles about companies contained factual errors.

Huffington Post gets Pulitzer

"Beyond the Battlefield", a 10-part series Pulitzer Prize

Gross Rating Points for online vid!

AOL will use Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings product to measure audiences for digital video

Skype on your browser soon

Skype on Web plus Windows Phone support is imminent

Google v Dropbox

Google plans to give you 5 GB of storage,  launches next week

Britain leads the pack.

Its internet economy bigger than many sectors because of popularity of e-commerce.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Video chat is getting traction

Tinychat, the web-based video chat service, just surpassed 20 million users

Professor Robin Dunbar networks of concentric circles: 150 people boundary,

50 trusted friends, 15 good friends, and 5 best friends.

FB shareholders might also take note

Facebook ad engagement down, prices up

A physicist faced running a stop sign

proved his innocence with mathematical paper,

Foursquare has 20 million users and 2 billion checkins,

plus a million new signups per month

Apps designed to pass on messages

Part of the on-going digital content marketing strategy of

Manchester daubed with graffiti marketing and PR campaign

 it goes viral too!

After semiotics... artificial body language?

Creating Artificial Intelligence?

E-reputation is pinned to the CIPR Pinterest site

We Love Public Relations

Study - 60 percent of high net worth individuals own smartphones,

 67 percent used them to shop.

Europe’s largest single track SEO conference - report

Delegates packed the Brighton Dome

Pinterest - more evidence for PR's to use.

Good reasons why you as business bloggers should be paying attention

Infographics a media in their own right

 and the correct creative mix of design and data can be almost magnetic

Pinterest for making money

Pinterest drives more revenue per click than Twitter or Facebook

Apps are manifestation of Comms strategy

various transport options in one application,

Her Majesty's Revenue (HMRC) is promoting mobile applications

 to help small businesses with their record-keeping obligations."

A different infographic application

The master index collects all the Cyber Attacks Timeline

No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.

Facebook and Google how could they possibly be superseded. Infographic

EU Privacy Directive is coming into force in the UK on 26 May

PR's and  publishers need info.

What role for journalists now?

Ten dailies make switch to weekly in the space of a year

Only behind Booze walls

Alcoholic beverage companies have come together to create a self-imposed standard for marketing campaigns.

Opening our minds to new options for journalism

"We need to rethink every facet of the journalism model,"

Google removed Android apps from Play

 after reports said they were malicious trojans

40% tried interactive QR and across all age groups.

12% access information.

Internal communicators - by BT

How social media is changing the role

The Heath Brothers

a recommendation - communications, presentations, training courses, interviews or more.

I do spend a lot of time deleting social media research

unless it comes with information to determine usefulness.

PR gets more valuable

46% Think PR is more so now than it was five years ago

Ad agencies loose out

Social media agencies are moving into advertising

Bumbling lawyers and bewildered governments

This could happen all over the world. Seen to be trying to deny defence in court.

Evaluation baffles the marketers and ad men

Reports are throwing up problems both for single channel and multichannel campaigns

The post-PC world is radically different

Not the world where most marketers honed their skills.

Stepping beyond the four 'P's

Product, price, promotion, place in an age of social media marketing

No Phone Fear

66% of the population  fear being without their phone

Google has head start with UK’s ‘swipe and pay’

Its mobile phone payments system gets competitive edge

A new take on the Dunbar’s Number

or How To Scale Social Media Marketing

As with teenage sex

Marketers are uncertain and fear social media - survey

Dumb TV vs. Smart TV

Are Tablets more a small TV than a big phone (and lots more besides).

Fashion fans have more reason to shop online

  tech-savvy Estonia has a way to you try on clothes online.

Burson-Martseller - confused

With the advent of digital and social media, communications anarchy is the new norm. Social media has shifted control of the corporate message away from the organization and towards consumers

Lundgren offers insight!

"It's clear to me that the consumer likes shopping online," Macy's Chief Executive Terry Lundgren told Reuters

You are what you tweet

 and your retweets DO imply endorsement.

Digi sport viewing numbers

Half of European Online Audience Visit Sports Sites

Tesco - an Amazon

Customers at Tesco's website to be able to buy from rival retailers


Few British businesses are set up to take advantage of online trade. @'jangles 

Tiziano Project

 is outreach effort training citizen journalists in conflict and underreported regions around the globe.

New Social Media marketing insight

'success  is about providing a product/service worth talking about'

Magazines take (to the) Tablets

New Hearst magazine is made for iPad, even in print

New face of local news

Sky Tyne and Wear has mobile phone app for the service.

Book by Monique Reece

 "Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth"  ROI description is interesting

#Hill+Knowlton Troll named by Grace Dent

Should PR firms have better ethical and education systems.

‘Best of the Month’ is Chelsea FC

In April, Premier League clubs collected 357,822 Twitter followers and 1.9 million new FB Likes.

Apps data hidden

All the information in apps – that data is not crawlable by Web crawlers. You can't search it,”

Google+ for Business

what is it good for?


PR experts explain how they're using it to connect with fans.

Social media research suggests that we have never been lonelier

and mentally and physically ill.

Pop goes social media marketing

One Direction rose to U.K. stardom on a social-media campaign featuring a super fan and is quickly catching on

Friday, 13 April 2012

Living in disruptive times

New and emerging technology is increasingly relentless, forcing evolution or complete transformation.

Free online computer storage next week?

Google Drive, the long-rumored cloud storage service

Search escalates on mobiles

Smartphone and tablet search accounted for 12% of total Google search

Good PR trusted more than advertsing

92 percent of consumers around the world  trust earned media above advertising

Infographics have almost become a media in their own right

 and can be almost magnetic

A history lesson in ten seconds

socialmediahistory3.png (2000×600)

Pinterest is semiotics on steroids

Pinterest users post photos of "Products They Love,"

Facebook just bought an entire team

thinking, eating and dreaming pictures/images and strategies

Media measurement and evaluation - meanings

The 6 Trickiest Terms in Measurement—and What They Really Mean

Have vested interests knobbled ministers?

G-Cloud lead Chris Chant will leave government at the end of the month.

The basics - again

social media for technophobes,

Sitting under the 'ethical' umbrella....

All PR is ethical - now choose the ethical theory you want to use. Alternatively lets talk about morality in PR

Page - blur the difference between devices

Google CEO "We see kind of a convergence between all the services on those devices.

"Right now, I feel like each device you have is kind of a hassle to deal with.

"You’re thinking about each individual device.

"I think that’s not really right.

Multi-channel consumers

Consumers are increasingly opting for a multichannel approach to retail.

Online retail up again

UK retail sales market grew 1.3 per cent year-on-year rise last month

The ethics of underdog PR

The difference between advocacy in a court of law and the court of public opinion

27% of emails are opened on mobile devices: stats

And most do it about the same time that they clean their teeth!

Monitoring needs upgrade

Monitoring your online reputation article shows how much further we have to go

PR's vulnerable to hoax media relations

Just how vulnerable are press offices to campaign groups?

Icann forced to delay web address deadline

 by software glitch

Data is worth dollars

Microsoft has announced that it will  charge for access to the Bing Search API.

Preparing for social mobility

how social mobility will progress in the enterprise.

Choose comms channels carefully - it matters

People dividing communications systems into “personal”, “private” and “business”

Research transparency to reduce internet agency effect

World Bank decides to make its research open access

Online and offline shopping worlds converge for luxury

 retailers to enhance offline shopping.

YouTube becomes lecture central - Lecturers are redundant?

Now there are coherent classes of the best educational YouTube videos

Adspend levels rose by almost 3% in the UK

and is expected to accelerate in the next two years,

Google has 'challenges'

but Google  is still making boatloads of money

Tourism PR needs online boost

The social media space remains an “unknown” to many travel marketers.

Internet of things - earbuds

Apple could create new iPhone and iPod earbuds

The power of data

“We’re kind of heading toward data as a source of monopoly power in some cases,”

Know what's up in video

Viral Video Chart. Compiled from data gathered at 1800 on 12 April 2012.

AP offers digital

Associated Press has new online archive plus video news for digital publishers.

Use Magazines for print communication

The overwhelming majority of people prefer to read magazine content in print


 Your FB Email, Timeline Names Are Now Linked Up

EMarketer - 1.43 billion social network users in 2012

a 19.2 percent increase over 2011

Dumb account directors can't

Ogilvy & Mather hire Markson to help clients integrate  PR, direct marketing and social media.

Scott Fahlman from which all emoticon flow

Scott originally proposed the use of “smileys,” in 1982

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Being equipped

 It's 2012, Do You Know Your Customer's Social Media Handle?

Dick Fedorcio, the Yard’s ex-PR chief

who resigned last month, breached Met policies in hiring Neil  Wallis

Where is Corporate Affairs

Study shows more corporate communication, short-termism, demand for direct contact, use of  new communication tools.

A national PR issue -Trust

Britons lack trust in  key pillars of UK society.

Real Time Public Relations

How an agency does real-time communications right - right now

50 (great) Branded Facebook Cover Photos

If you are looking for inspiration ...

The new Facebook layout impacts what brands have built

Slideshare teaching aid  helps

New economic model needed

Book publishing is facing a future that it considers to be bleak

Corporate public service with Pinterest launches Pinterest competition  to highlight dangers of driving in heels.

Mothercare moves from bricks to clicks

plans to shutdown 111 UK stores with a greater focus on e-commerce.

Secret SEO sauce

leveraging  online videos often key to increasing search rankings.

Quick Pinterest guide

Understanding how to use Pinterest and what marketing potential it offers

Facing down Trolls is basic PR

Strategic communications - not mixing it with an axe-murderer

Facebook gives back a little more

Facebook ‘Download Your Information‘  backs up more detailed information

Live mobile broadcasting for PR

 hardware connected to any camera to stream HD video to the Web

LinkedIn launches two new features for brands

targeted updates and follower statistics.

Music industry 'discovers' digital reality

There is little doubt that digital is the future of music

Kindle Touch comes to the UK

with language support, landscape mode, and more

Bing confirms PR role in SEO

Ranking well today requires more than just tweaking technical factors.

Googled faster

improvement to freshness for news-related traffic now rolled out for all queries.

For effective communication - research

it is not only the message but also the medium

Social Media identity affects earnings

The identity that individuals create in social media is important in hiring decisions and professional lives.

Apps - the new PR intermediary

Companies are using mobile apps to exploit the rise of social media.

WordPress takes the blue ribbon

WordPress is in use by 48% of the top 100 blogs in the world.

Another example of new internet platforms

minimal smartwatch that connects to my iPhone

Internet threats by politicians and powerful lobbies

the legislative threats to the open Internet keep on coming

Social TV kills off the press release mindset

How Al Jazeera is using Social TV

When designing comms channels for business design for tablets

More independent business owners use tablets than either laptops or desktops

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Video is big news

The Associated Press has launched a Video Hub to allow faster delivery online

PR's get new LinkedIn tools

LinkedIn will launch two new functions for companies who have followers

Pinterest interest

Amazon and eBay have added Pinterest buttons to product pages.

Video Pinning Pleasure

Pinterest Rolls Out Vimeo Integration.

G+ upgrade

Google+ new features including navigation and design changes. A more “functional and flexible version"

Google provides newspaper app

Google Currents available globally. Lots of newspapers plus RSS feed

Facebook Allows File Sharing

With Rollout Of .Edu-Exclusive “Groups For Schools”

Rolls Royce is attacked online hundreds of times a day

Professor Alan Woodward

Issues and crisis management planning has to know about this

What Cyber Crime is Waiting Down the Road?

Cyber Crime can affect your reputation

Cyber Crime is organized and generated in 2011, $ 388 billion

Virtual meetings can be fun too

Bank business trips are set to be replaced by “virtual meeting technology”

Fibre diet speeds downloads

BT fibre optic broadband speeds to 76Mbits/sec from up to 38Mbits/sec 

Phone app to change dreams - now THAT is PR!

"This app may provide a real breakthrough in changing how we dream"

Open IP supported

The Wellcome Trust has reiterated its open-access policy,

Social Media is the new “normal,”

It is literally making the world a much smaller place

Hurry-up I haven't got all minute

Online shoppers demand faster experience

Sunshine online

Warm weather helped online retailers, who saw sales grow 13.9% in March

Measuring the offline impact of online

A group of academics have attempted to measure the offline impact of online advertising.

PR's are link builders

It is "incredible that PR has been so slow and blind to embrace SEO and link building. They are the natural born link builders."

PR affects SEO

How PR's manage social media has impact on organic search results.