Friday, 30 March 2012

Double digit growth in UK online retailing

Laura Ashley reported growing internet sales up 10.4% to £35.3m

Facebook bankers need their fix

The Economist is incredibly successful on Facebook

If a fridge magnet orders up pizza with one click

would the same idea work for PR catering?

A sick ad and publicity seeking apology

Belvedere and its agency, Arnell Group, spent the weekend making apologies

Relaunched the BBC News mobile website

 in the UK and around the world

Sorry Sir Martin - but you got it wrong

WPP CEO Martin Sorrell has done an about-face on social media.  His agencies will spend as much as $400 million on Facebook this year. And you STILL don't get it!

Facebook Timeline Marketing

With Facebook's new Timelines for brands due to go live today here is a good resource

Online passwords are confidential

What you can – and cannot – be asked in a job interview

Tate gets digitally commercial

Tate has launched a new e-commerce site.

PwC: 'If you don't, they will'

People aren’t waiting for stores, but inventing the multichannel experience for themselves.

“Because most retailers haven't yet created efficient multichannel models, consumers are working it out for themselves, using different channels in ways that best suit them,” the report finds.

Where ever you may be

The average user is online for 15 hours a week, a 30% increase since 2005.

The internet is increasingly part of people’s everyday lives “wherever they are,”

Creating a new newspaper

By aggregating  news from across the Internet, it is possible to build you own newspaper (this one is being developed now as the base for experiments). The next part of the process is to be able to edit out the content you don't want as the next filter. That is not the end of the story - but we can leave that for a moth I guess.

Guardian gets digital boost

The Guardian’s website year on year surged by 65 per cent in February to 4m.

Online ads up 2.5 time traditional media

UK advertising spending to increase at 4.2% Online to grow by 10.6%

Broadcasters are not the ones to choose whether to have social TV

It is happening whether they like it or not.

Olympics Tweet Tangle

London Olympics Twitter initiative could turn the Games into an unseemly commercial battle if this month’s GB kit launch is anything to go by.

A new search engine

DuckDuckGo’s daily search traffic is seeing hockey stick growth so far this year

Picture Curators

Pinterest is creating a new type of online sharer, the social image curator.

Facebook not free any more

It's the end of the free ride for brands seeking to reach out to their Fans. From hereon, businesses will have to pay in order to get their marketing messages to their target audiences.

Old saws are still sharp

Although slogans work slowly but they are effective and their hold is long lasting.

Compare business blogging with Facebook

 and build a case as to why blogging is the better marketing strategy.

Facebook Timeline cover image

provides amazing opportunities for branding and to visually inspire and connect with your fans. Here is a good example:

Evaluating PR now goes further

the time is right to explore the boundaries of social media analysis further